MHF Roboterabstapelung



  • Woodworking and furniture industry

    Woodworking and furniture industry

    MHF has years of experience in planning and implementing plants for the woodworking and furniture industry. In addition to tried-and-tested conveying ...

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  • Door industry

    Door industry

    For the door manufacturing industry MHF has been a partner for many years regarding customized processing and packaging lines.

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  • Building materials industry

    Building materials industry

    For many years MHF has been considered a competent partner for the development of entire production lines for the building materials industry. ...

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  • Insulation industry

    Insulation industry

    For the insulation industry MHF develops and manufactures anything from individual single machines to complete production lines for insulation boards ...

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  • Machine and plant engineering

    Machine and plant engineering

    For years MHF has been developing and manufacturing individual components for various applications within your high-tech systems. Besides new ...

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  • Automotive suppliers

    Automotive suppliers

    For automotive suppliers MHF is a reliable partner for the development and manufacturing of customized conveying systems for automotive parts.

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  • Plastics industry

    Plastics industry

    For the plastics industry MHF develops individual conveying systems and specialized machines which are precisely designed to meet your requirements.

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  • Other industries

    Other industries

    As a special purpose machine manufacturer MHF is your partner when machines and systems have to be specially designed and manufactured to meet your ...

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