Machines for the building materials industry

Building materials industry

For many years MHF has been considered a competent partner for the development of entire production lines for the building materials industry. Flexible solutions are achieved by using robot handling systems. As a reliable partner we are there for you on-site anywhere in the world to work closely with you to develop a customized solution, from a prototype unit to a fully automatic production line.


Sizing Line

Finishing line for cement boards

Video - Double End Tenoner

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Project examples

1. Sizing line with packing unit for cement boards

This finishing line is the fifth of its kind and part of  an overall concept which also includes the production process of the cement boards. All machines of this production line for construction boards were developed and manufactured by MHF.

2. Fully automatic packaging line for lightweight concrete panels

Fully automatic packaging line for lightweight concrete panels including  labeling machine, foil placer, pallet strapping machine and edge protector application by a robot

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3. Robot stacking system for construction boards

This robot stacking system for construction boards is part of a complete sizing line and the order also included an infrared dryer and a packaging line.

4. Infrared dryer for gypsum boards

Infrared dryer for gypsum boards

5. Separation system and cleaning unit for fiber boards

This separation system with cleaning unit is an addition to a complete production and sizing line for fiber boards which was also delivered by MHF.

6. Edging saw unit for coated wall boards

Edging saw unit / double end tenoner for coated wall boards

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7. Gluing line for slab edge formwork

Continuously operating gluing line for slab edge formwork with an automatic feed of the PS insulation

8. Gluing Line for ring-beam formwork

Gluing line to glue PS insulation material onto ring-beam and lintel formwork including an automatic nesting of the formwork elements on pallets.

9. Laminating line for flooring boards

Fully automated laminating line for the production of looring boards

10. Conveying and handling equipment for gypsum fiberboard production line

Complete conveying and handling equipment including saws for a gypsum fiberboard production line

11. Mesh Wrapping Line for the production of corner beads with mesh

Fully automated production line for corner beads with mesh


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