360° Wrapping line

Smooth quality edges for beautiful furniture

The furniture producer for renowned brands, Ecolor, ordered a 360° wrapping line with automatic feeding and stacking system.

Customer requirements

Ecolor’s customer requested smooth, closed-cell edges at the profiled MDF or chipboard edges featuring a width of up to 300 mm. To ensure that this quality requirement could be met, the subcontractor Ecolor decided to order a completely new wrapping line with the following components: 

  • Automated raw board feeding 
  • Multi-blade dividing saw 
  • Edge profiling system 
  • Belt magazines 
  • Edge sealing 
  • Wrapping 
  • Chop saw 
  • Automated sorting and stacking system

Application description

MHF realizes all tasks acting as a prime contractor. The machine for dividing the raw boards and the profiling machine were provided by the customer and integrated in the process by MHF. The workpieces featuring a width of up to 300 mm are wrapped on four sides in a single process. To ensure smooth, closed-cell edge quality, the two longitudinal edges are sealed with a suitable filling adhesive.

Technical competence

MHF has long-standing experience in the planning and realization of wrapping systems. The workpieces pass through the wrapping line horizontally, i.e. flat. Both narrow sides are simultaneously sealed; 360° wrapping is performed right thereafter. The decisive advantage is that the parts are sealed at both sides and directly wrapped on four sides in a single production step.

Seized opportunities

The approach as described above yields the following results: 

  • Space-saving solution due to compact dimensions 
  • Smooth workpiece guidance optimizes the surface quality 
  • The wrapping speed including edge sealing is up to 55 m/min

Customer satisfaction

The total system designed by MHF convinced the engineers at Ecolor. 

Midyear 2017, the mechanical engineers in Rietberg were awarded the contract for the wrapping technology including the integration of the two existing system solutions. After a very short assembly and commissioning time, the equipment went successfully into operation at the end of 2018.

The customer is delighted with the achieved quality of the smooth, closed-cell edges.

Wrapping line 360° wrapping line with intelligently arranged roller track.


Stack delivery via forklift (raw chipboards).

Stacks are automatically conveyed to the bottom of the feeding system.

The top board is removed by the feeding system by means of vacuum suction cups, placed on a roller table, aligned and conveyed through a dividing saw.

After separation, the cut strips are transversely singularized and conveyed to a belt magazine.

The belt magazine conveys the parts seamlessly to the milling machine, from where the parts are transferred to another belt magazine.

From another belt magazine the parts are conveyed seamlessly with a feed rate of 20–70 m/min to the wrapping system and wrapped at four sides.




min. 2500–5600 mm


min. 650–1500 mm


min. 12–40 mm





min. 2500–5600 mm


min. 65–310 mm


min. 12–40 mm


Feed rate:

20–70 m/min


Wrapping adhesives EVA
Sealing of edges
with sealing EVA

Wrapping material:

Foil and paper

Max. foil width:

700 mm

The workpiece consecutively passes the following zones in the wrapping system.
Length measurement of the components to enable separation in the outlet area by means of a flying saw.

Edge grinding unit with one left and one right belt sanding device.

For edge sealing with sealing EVA, rollers with active cooling are installed behind the application nozzles to ensure quick hardening.

Foil unrolling unit with two foil rolls to ensure quick roll change.

Infrared preheating for workpiece and foil.

Glue is applied through a slit die with infinitely variable width. The unit can be laterally moved for cleaning purposes.

Wrapping line with hot air nozzles.

Edge finishing unit with active cooling.

Surface finishing rollers.

After leaving the wrapping line, the parts are cut to length at the joints by means of a saw (flying saw). The saw features a feed rate of max.120 m/min. The cutting tolerance of the chop cut is +/- 2 mm.

Subsequently, the parts are collected on a timing belt conveyor and stacked on base boards by means of a gantry stacking unit using vacuum suction cups.

Double foil unrolling 
Double foil unrolling with automatic transport connection and infrared heating.
Wrapping line 
Wrapping line with flying saw.


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