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Groove cutting system

for the Dutch door manufacturer berkvens

Customer requirements

Ensuring consistency and straightforwardness of the design is particularly essential for smooth door surfaces. This is why it comes down to the precise manufacture of grooves in terms of width and depth. Based on MHF’s longstanding experience regarding precisely fitting processing steps, we were awarded the purchasing contract in the second quarter of 2018.

Application description

The system cuts up to four grooves simultaneously in one throughput into doors, door blanks or HDF/ MDF/chipboards and grinds off possible protrusions of the resulting contour in a further processing step. The components can be processed in longitudinal and transverse throughput.

Technical competence

The system is operated as a stand-alone machine and is loaded and discharged by an operator. Other options for loading and discharging are employing robotics technology or integrating the plant component in a manufacturing line. The existing database connection transfers the required process parameters by means of a barcode scanner. 

The setting of groove distances and cutting depth is fully automated using positioning drives. In terms of production technology, a size-1 batch is possible without presenting any problems. To balance tolerances in the raw material the groove cutting units are resiliently mounted.

Production sequence

The machine operator scans the product to be processed and the machine adjusts to the preset process parameters without requiring any further effort. After the machine operator has placed the product onto the roller table, it is automatically conveyed to an alignment stop. The feed roller conveys it through the resiliently mounted cutting units. Subsequently, another feed roller conveys the product through the grinding units. 

According to the customer’s wishes, the system can be operated with or without grinding. Now the component is conveyed to the removal position, where it is removed by the machine operator and stacked on a lifting table.




min. 1500–2600 mm


min. 550–1250 mm


min. 38–60 mm


max. 50 kg



min. 1500–2600 mm


min. 550–1250 mm


min. 2,5–10 mm


max. 30 kg




Groove depths:

min. 0,35–1 mm

Groove widths:

min. 6–30 mm

Smallest possible distance in processing with four grooves:
1 × 75 mm, 2 × 200 mm


Technical data

Total length: approx. 7500 mm
Total width: approx. 3500 mm
Roller length feed roller: approx. 2700 mm
Working height: approx. 980 mm
Conveying speed vmax.: 5–20 m/min, adjustable via frequency converter

2 pairs of rubberized feed rollers, motor-driven, infinitely variable height adjustment by 100 mm. Driven by asynchronous servo motor.

4 milling units, motor-driven, steplessly movable in X direction via gear rack with a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.

Height adjustment of milling units via positioning drive and spindle – positioning accuracy +/- 0.03 mm.

4 milling units 3 kW each, max. rotational speed 4,800 rpm with workpiece downholder and pressure shoe, mounted resiliently to the workpiece. The pressure shoe can be adjusted by means of adjusting screws and indicating gage.

4 grinding units 0.25 KW each, max. rotational speed 500 rpm with standstill monitor, flanged onto the milling units. Each grinding unit has an additional lift of 20 mm for inserting and removing the grinding tool.

Full view 
Full view of the individually planned groove cutting system.


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