Packaging line with edge and corner protectors.

Packaging line

with robot for a German manufacturer of construction panels

Customer requirements

Construction panel stacks of most different sizes and in most different sequence come from a cut-to-size plant. The technical challenge is to find a solution for providing and fastening the following four items:

  • Fastening a label indicating article number, number of panels per stack, panel dimensions, etc. 
  • Placing the top foil as a protection against the rain 
  • Placing two to four strappings depending on the stack size with edge protection 
  • Attaching edge protection to all four corners of the stack

Application solution

Manufacture, delivery, mounting and commissioning of a complete packaging line for construction panel stacks including control and safety devices.

Customer satisfaction

The total system designed by MHF optimally meets all customer requirements. 

Based on the convincing results, subsequently further projects were realized.


Production sequence

The construction panel stacks with most different formats and mixed sequence are made available on a conveyor.

  1. Input buffer space – transfer carriage passes on the stack of construction panels to the first modular chain conveyor
  2. Modular chain conveyor II and label applicator
  3. Top foil dispenser with modular chain conveyor III
  4. Stack strapping with modular chain conveyor IV
  5. Station for attaching cardboard protectors and robot control with modular chain conveyor V
  6. Removing of the stacks through modular chain conveyor VI
  7. Control and control cabinet
  8. Safety technology including muting system, light barriers, safety fence, and safety door
Packaging line
Packaging line – fully automated packaging line with labeler.
Packaging line with edge and corner protectors.
Packaging line with edge and corner protectors.

Technical data

Width: 1250–1350 mm
Length: 1000–3000 mm
Height: 120–155 mm 

Stacking height
390– 800 mm including pallet

Stacking weight
3000 kg 

Four different DIN A3 templates are stored in a magazine drawer of the printer. The label is sprayed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and fastened on the left of the stack below the first strapping, approx. 200 mm away from the front edge of the stack. 

Edge protection
The vertical edge protection is glued to the top foil on top of each stack edge and attached to the bottom of the pallet with a staple. 

If the stack width is smaller than the pallet, a short edge protector is attached and no staple is used at the bottom. The protectors at the bottom are attached manually by the employees. 

Hotmelt adhesive 

The top foil lies unfixed on the stack and is included in the strapping. The vertical edge protectors are glued onto the top foil at the stack edges.

90 seconds per pallet



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