Panel-sizing saw in ganty design

MHF Panel-sizing saw

The MHF Panel-Sizing Saw in gantry design offers individual sizing of large panels with a package height of up to 165 mm featuring a high cutting performance and low space requirement as lengthwise and crosswise cuts are combined in one system. The saw blade can be swivelled by 270 degrees via a rotary tube and all cuts are made automatically one after another. The saw table with individually lifting transport belts, over which the boards are moved back and forth, enables symmetrical and offset cutting patterns.

Panel-sizing saw PAS2500/5600/165 integrated in a Panel-sizing and sorting line

Panel sizing and sorting system


A package of boards is aligned on the panel-sizing saw and all lengthwise and crosswise cuts are executed automatically one after another. When there are offsets in crosswise cuts, the lengthwise cut is made first and the package not to be processed is conveyed backwards. Then crosswise cuts are carried out, the cut packages are discharged and the next package is processed.



  • Low space requirement due to lengthwise and crosswise cuts in one system
  • Careful handling of the product due to the moving saw, the product does not move during processing
  • Multiple layers can be cut at the same time
  • High cutting performance


  • All machinable boards
  • as chipboards, plywood boards, HDF, MDF or OSB
  • Maximum size of the boards
    2500 x 5600 mm
  • Minimum cutting height 10 mm 
  • Maximum cutting height 165 mm

Individual cutting patterns

Symmetrical and offset cutting patterns are executed automatically

Schnittplan Buntaufteilung

Saw table

Rising longitudinal and transverse stops as well as an aligning rail and a chain-driven pusher align the boards on the saw table.
The table features 24 individually liftable belts over which packages can be moved back and forth. This system enables the execution of offset cutting patterns.


Additional Options for your production

Feeding system

The system separates packages from a stack of large format panels using a lifting frame with pusher and conveys them to the panel-sizing saw. Other types of feeding systems are available on request.

MHF Feeder for large panels

Additional edging saw

An additional edging saw can be integrated in the feeding system, to increase the cutting performance.

Edging saw

Transfer unit

Roller conveyors with handling robots as well as individually designed solutions are available

Unloading system

Sorting and stacking system

The system can be expanded by the integration of a fully automatic sorting and stacking system of the cut packages. A base board magazine with infeed can be added.

MHF Sorting and Stacking System

MHF Panel-sizing saw in operation

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