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Innovative technology in the field of mechanical engineering - for more than 35 years

MHF was founded in 1982 by Heribert Lücke as a new and second-hand machinery business for the woodworking and timber processing industry. As a demand for special machines corresponding to the increasing levels of specialisation in the production processes soon emerged, this was the starting point for the development of in-house production of individual machines and plants. 

With the retirement of Heribert Lücke in 2003, the company was taken over by long-standing employees Dipl. Ing. (FH) Andreas Authmann and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Norbert Mönnigmann. As managing directors, they focused the company’s strategic direction predominantly on mechanical engineering and project planning for complete systems.

  • 2003 
    Specialising in the production of machines for the woodworking industry
  • 2005
    First major projects for the building materials industry establish a comprehensive know-how in this field
  • 2006 
    The MHF product line is divided into four areas
    1. Conveying and materials handling
    2. Sawing and milling technology
    3. Robotics
    4. Wrapping technology
  •  2010
    Capacity is increased by 1000 m² through acquisition of an adjacent building 
  •  2012 
    In-house competence center for electronics is established to meet demand for individually tailored control systems
  • 2015
    Optimisation of the engineering department as a whole and migration to a new design software
  • 2016 
    Complete reorganisation and optimisation of the production after integration of a continuous improvement process with frequent team meetings and financial controlling
  • 2018
    Expansion of the competence center for electronics to in-house software development to equip even larger projects with individually tailored control systems
  • 2020
    Relocation of administration and sales to the new office at Gewerbestraße 17 in Rietberg
  • 2021
    Completion of a new production building for the final assembly of large plants


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33397 Rietberg-Mastholte


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